Great text content and how to get it

The importance of good business writing is now greater than ever.

On this website, you'll find out how every word you communicate in writing can work harder for you.

As professionals – business writers, marketing writers, technical writers, creative writers, copywriters, translators and editors – we help you make that goal a reality.


In the words of the writer, Mark Twain: “Experience is an author's most valuable asset; experience is the thing that puts the muscle and the breath and the warm blood into what he writes.”

This may sound a little “duh-ish,” but ask yourself, “How much of my business writing is done by experienced writers?”


Your people are already involved in doing their own jobs. Yet, it's easy to imagine, for example, your finance director writing your annual report, or your top salesman writing a sales brochure. After all, don't they know the subject best?

Maybe, but that's no guarantee they will be effective at doing a writer's job. Established writing experience and expertise are what lead to outstanding achievement.

We provide a detailed look at different tasks: business writing, translation, editing. We define the techniques, and then explain the concepts that make words “work” pointing to powerful writing that puts client messages under the eyes of customers.

Much of today's business writing doesn't meet the needs of readers. That is because many “occasional” writers don't fully understand what readers need, nor are they aware of how to organize content to be read – or seen on the Web!
Case studies: What our clients demand and how we satisfy them with remarkabkle results

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